A few examples, in photo and video, of point clouds, as beautiful as they are practical.


  • A Riegl airborne lidar's view of Melbourne, Australia (courtesy Riegl)
  • Harris Geiger-Mode lidar's view of Seattle (Courtesy Harris Corp.)
  • An aerial-lidar view of Caracol, Belize (courtesy Arlen Chase)
  • A shipborne Riegl lidar's view of the port of Rotterdam (courtesy Riegl)
  • A Riegl lidar's view of the forest (courtesy Riegl)
  • A street mapper's view of the Bernabeu (courtesy Riegl)



  • Velodyne
    VLS-128 lidar
  • Teledyne Optech
  • Near Earth Autonomy
    Through the Woods (Fast)
  • Quanergy
    Mapping the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Kaarta
    Indoor Mapping