A few shots I took at the February 2018 International Lidar Mapping Forum in Denver, Colorado.

  • Riegl's drone lidar (only the second-smallest the company offers) with a reporter's notebook at ILMF 2018.
  • Riegl's flagship airborne lidar mapper with a version designed to fly on a drone at ILMF 2018.
  • Teledyne Optech's Galaxy Prime airborne mapper at ILMF 2018.
  • The Lidar USA booth is swarmed with drones at ILMF 2018.
  • A Vapor 55 drone with a Riegl lidar at the Phoenix Lidar booth at ILMF 2018.
  • Vexcel's UltraCam Panther backpack at ILMF 2018. The lidar is a Velodyne Puck.
  • Riegl's street mapper, up close and personal, at ILMF 2018.
  • Timble's MX9 mobile mapper at ILMF 2018 in Denver.
  • Leica's Pegasus:2 mobile mapper at ILMF 2018 in Denver