My book The Laser That’s Changing the World, the story of lidar and a some of its key innovators, includes 24 black-and-white photos. While that’s a good thing, lidar is a colorful subject. I took some photos along the way, and others have been kind enough to share theirs. Click below to check out them and, in some cases, accompanying videos.

  • Alamosa and the NASA Airborne Snow Observatory
  • Automotive
  • Hughes Mark II Colidar
    "Ancient" History
  • Carnegie Mellon University Field Robotics Center
  • Cyra Technologies and CyArk
  • Direct Dimensions
  • Firepond
  • ILMF 2018
  • Mcity Autonomous Vehicle Test Site
  • NASA Goddard and the GGAO
  • NASA Wallops
  • NCAR
  • Near Earth Autonomy
  • Teledyne Optech
  • Point Clouds
  • Uber Advanced Technologies Group
  • Xinzhao Chu and Antarctica