Images from the early days lidar, including E. H. “Hutchie” Synge, who dreamed up atmoshperic lidar 30 years before the invention of the laser; Hughes’ pioneering lidar; Project Luna See at MIT; and others.

  • E. H. Synge
    Edward Hutchison Synge, who dreamed up atmospheric lidar 30 years before the laser was invented. (photo courtesy of Living Edition Publishers, Austria)
  • Hughes Mark II Colidar
    Hughes Aircraft Company engineer Rod Smith aims the Colidar Mark II, the world’s first commercial lidar. (© HRL Laboratories, LLC)
  • The Luna See telescope with the project's leaders
    Louis Smullin, left, Stanley Kass of Raytheon, and Giorgio Fiocco discuss Project Luna See as the telescope takes aim at the moon. (Photo courtesy MIT Museum)
  • Herb Ligda and the SRI Mark I lidar
    Myron H. "Herb" Ligda with the SRI Mark I lidar (courtesy SRI International)
  • The SRI Mark I lidar and accompanying electronics on the SRI roof (courtesy Don Nielson/SRI International)
  • From left, Herb Ligda, Ron Collis and Charles Northend with the SRI Mark II lidar. (courtesy SRI International)
  • The SRI Mark II lidar (courtesy Don Nielson/SRI International)