Grammar Geezers

Grammar Geezers: more than two old white guys talking

Grammar Geezers is (or are? a legit grammatical question. . .) a YouTube channel created by me and John Rubadeau (not “John Rubadeau and I” — do you know why?), the legendary University of Michigan English lecturer who taught me back in 1989.

I explain its origins and purpose in this post and in the inaugural (and, at nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds, by far the longest) Grammar Geezers episode.

We aim to have some fun and teach a bit about grammar and writing in the process. We shoot for less than five minutes per video but do occasionally overshoot. The videos include visuals and written examples as one would expect from the medium (I learned Davinci Resolve for this). Those who have read my biography of John, A Beard Cut Short, may enjoy the added benefit of seeing and hearing from the man you’ve read so much about.