A Beard Cut Short Errata

I would like to say that the mistakes in A Beard Cut Short were, in fact, acts of deliberate imperfection.


The below managed to conceal themselves from many readers and editors. They’ll be corrected in future editions. Page references are for the print edition; for that small dose of schadenfreude, you’ll have to do a search in the eBook.

p. 38

Eugenics means good genes. Euphoria means good sounds.”

“Euphoria” means “a feeling of great happiness or well-being,” according to John’s favorite dictionary. I meant “euphony,” meaning “Agreeable sound, especially in the phonetic quality of words,” according to that same fine source.

p. 80

She is sharp, self-effacing, engaging, and funny—like Jake, but a foot shorter, 130 pounds lighter, and blonde.

The “Jake” in question is Jake Butt, the Denver Broncos tight end at the center of the historical-present vignette on pp. 55-58.