As Windows becomes Linux

Destroyed mobile home in Lyons a metaphor for my website.

If my website were a house, it would look something like this.

I’m in the middle of a bit of a website revamp. Moving from an aging, custom-designed HTML base (for which I learned Dreamweaver from a book. Ah, memories…) to a WordPress base.

It’s not going particularly well, to be honest, because waybackwhen, I chose a Windows rather than Linux OS for my website’s foundation. Turns out that Windows servers and WordPress don’t play well together. At the moment, for example, any link you hit, anywhere on the WordPress site, will  yield a 404. That despite posts existing happily in the mySQL database.

Four-zero-four is not a happy number in Webville.

I can’t change this up for up to 48 hours, the Godaddy people tell me. Until then, and quite likely longer, as I’ve got paying work to do, the old website pages are still on the server, and accessible here:





More soon. I hope.

(As an aside, the photo is a cell-phone shot I took of a mobile home destroyed by flooding in Lyons, Colo. I am thankful that my disasters are merely digital.)

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