Media catches up to extreme weather-global warming link

It took a week or so, but the stories linking U.S. extreme weather to climate change have started to roll out. A few links courtesy of the the Society of Environmental Journalists:

SCIENTISTS: ONGOING WEATHER EXTREMES OFFER PROOF OF CLIMATE CHANGE – “The bizarre weather of early summer in the US – from heatwave, wildfires, drought to freak storms – is just a sampling of what is to come for 2012 and a window to the future under climate change, scientists have said.” Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian July 3, 2012.

“Janet Napolitano Connects Wildfires to Climate Change” (Mother Jones)

“Climate Change: U.S. Heat Waves, Wildfires And Flooding Are ‘What Global Warming Looks Like'” (AP) (This is by Seth Borenstein, who’s been on this beat for a while and is rock-solid. I’m assuming some editor asked him to talk to John Christy of the University of Alabama, a noted climate-change skeptic. Buried him at the bottom with an inane quote, fortunately.)

“Wildfire, Heat Wave: Is It Climate Change?” (Orange County Register)


And finally, a link of a great op-ed piece Bill McKibben did for the Guardian (U.K.). My Aunt Donna was the aggregator on this one. Note how much information he squeezes into how little space, and how not-angry the prose reads, despite his obvious anger. His aim is to focus on the true rot, which is the motivation reasoning that pervades Washington D.C. and places the interests of those with campaign cash over the good of the people.

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