Todd Neff photoI’m a writer based in Denver, Colorado. I wrote From Jars to the Stars, the story of how Ball Aerospace,  evolved from an Indiana jar company and a group of students in a University of Colorado basement, managed to blast a sizable crater in the comet 9P/Tempel 1. It won the Colorado Book Award for History in 2012.

I formerly covered science and the environment for the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado, and have taught narrative nonfiction at the University of Colorado. I have been a Ted Scripps Fellowship in Environmental Journalism at CU, focusing on energy and climate change issues. I did a TEDxMileHigh talk about three very rich dudes and the legends surrounding their rise. One of the legends was entirely false, I found.

I graduated with a business degree from the University of Michigan, where I played soccer, and with master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Before becoming a journalist at the turn of the millennium, I was an IT and strategy consultant.  I write about a very broad array of science, health care and business topics for media as well as for nonprofits and companies.

When not writing, I serve as sous chef and chauffeur to two increasingly less-small girls, I coach a soccer team called The Swarm of Bees, and I allow myself to be bullied by a puggle I outweigh by a factor of seven.